Colombard is an early fruiting white variety of wine grapes, better known as French Colombard in North America. It is possibly the offspring of Gouais Blanc and Chenin Blanc. In France, it was traditionally grown in the Charentes and Gascony for distilling into Cognac and Armagnac respectively. Today it is still among the permitted white grape varieties in Bordeaux wine, and in Gascony for Vins de Pays Côtes de Gascogne and the white Floc de Gascogne.

Old vine grapes are crushed by some northern Californian producers and made into a fruity white wine of interesting character in both dry and sweet versions. This grape is mainly grown in California to provide the backbone, due to its natural acidic character, for white “jug wine” blends. It is also widely grown in South Africa where it is known as Columbar, and to a lesser extent in Australia.

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